Getting Ready For 2015

Exciting Changes Are Happening!! Much more to come on that...

Our website is undergoing a redesign, and should re-launch on or near the New Year.

We are making our new website a more interactive experience for our families, coaches, board and sponsors to communicate. Check back soon to check it out...we hope you'll be as excited about this as we are!!

Until then, some important things to know and dates to keep in your calendar:

Registration is nearly here!!

Registration Packets have been printed and sent out to all of the elementary schools in our league boundaries. They should be sent home with your kids before they leave for Christmas Vacation.

Two Registration dates have been set. They are January 31st and February 7th from 10-2 at the Centennial High School Multi-purpose Room.

Player Evaluations with be held Feb 21st & 22nd and Feb 28th & March 1st for all non T-ball Players, Coaches and Managers. Teams will be drafted during the first week of March, and teams will start practicing soon thereafter.

Every Weekend in March there will be field prep work to do. While we'd love all of you to come and help every day of field prep, we realize that is not realistic. But, please do try to find some time to come out and help during March...please, please, please!

Again, much more to come on some exciting changes! 2015 is going to be a great year for Centennial Little League!


2014 All Star Brackets

Good luck to our 2014 All Star Teams!!


Here are Excel Files for the brackets:

9-10 Softball

10-11 Softball

Major Softball

Junior Softball

Junior Baseball

Senior Baseball


And here are the same brackets, but in PDF form for on-line viewing/printing

(and for those without access to Excel):

9-10 Softball

10-11 Softball

Major Softball

Junior Softball

Junior Baseball

Senior Baseball

Last Updated ( Friday, 27 June 2014 07:55 )


Uppder Division Baseball Tournament Dates

The start dates for the Intermediate (50/70), Junior, and Senior baseball All Star tournaments havebeen set.


Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Tournament START DATES:

District = Thursday, June 26th.  First game is at 3:30PM; location = Reynolds LL

State = Saturday, July 5th; location = Reynolds LL

Regional = Friday, July 18th; location = Nogales, Arizona

World Series = Tuesday, July 29th; location = Livermore, California  (*)


Junior Baseball Tournament START DATES:

District = Monday, July 7th.  First game is at 3:00PM; location = Centennial LL

State = Thursday, July 17th; location = Centennial LL

Regional = Tuesday, July 29th; location = Vancouver, Washington

World Series = Sunday, August 10th; location = Taylor, Michigan


Senior Baseball Tournament START DATES:

District = Friday, July 11th.  First game is at 3:30PM; location = Centennial LL

State = Saturday, July 19th; location = Centennial LL

Regional = Tuesday, July 29th; location = Ontario, California

World Series = Sunday, August 10th; location = Bangor, Maine


(*) – This is the World Series that our very own D2 Umpire, Greg Handley, will be umpiring in!  Make sure to watch the Championship game televised on ESPN!


Tournament Brackets will be published on or after June 15th.




Leanne Handley

ADA Intermediate & Upper Division Baseball

Oregon District 2 Little League

Last Updated ( Saturday, 31 May 2014 09:18 )




For all coaches and umpires

(Jenna's Law)



to go to the online training, complete the quick course, and then print out your certificate and give to a CLL official to keep on record.


В "Волшебная раскраска № РК 1060" какой-то миг это было правдой.

Что-то треснуло, и из шкафа вывалилась "Умная раскр. РУ 1043" книга.

Открывай же, шпингалет скрипучий.

Все продвигалось намного быстрее на этот раз, проходило через большие площади "Раскраска-люкс РЛ 1001 Феи Потерянное сокровище" практически мгновенно.

Гленда обмакнула "Теоретич. механика в примерах и задач. Т.2/2тт Динамика" пальцы в воду.

Приятно было сознавать, что тебя ждут, ждут твоей музыки.

Last Updated ( Monday, 21 April 2014 04:28 )


2014 Player Registration

2014 Player Registrations!


It's that time of year again.  Time to register for the 2014 Little League Season for Centennial Little League.


Registrations will be held from 10:00am to 3:00pm

on Sat Jan 18th and Sat Jan 25th at:


Centennial High School

3505 SE 182nd Ave

Gresham, OR 97030


Please click on the link below to download the Registration Packet, fill it out, and bring it along with required documents.


<Download Registration Packet>

Я пошла бы на это сожжение не тихо "Строптивая мишень" и молча, но с рыданиями.

Сюжет похож, тихо сказал он, но в моем нет ничего драматического.

Я знал, что это мертвецы, поскольку среди них "Каратели" я видел непрерывно жестикулирующего Ника-карлика, телепата Майка Шендона, который едва не поверг в прах мою империю человека, которого я убил своими собственными руками.

Однако ее существование было необходимо.

Через некоторое "Человек будущего Воспитание родителей Ч.4" время вокруг помоста собралась толпа люди хотели увидеть, как поступит старик в розовом халате с Железным Генералом.

Ночной "Лучшие м/ф мира Бременские музыканты" ветер завывал в кронах, заглушая возню гризли в вязком мясе мертвого бизона.

Last Updated ( Monday, 21 April 2014 04:28 )


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